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The Hand Code It's timing simplified?

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Posted 22 December 2009 - 08:10 AM

View Postservantofchrist, on Dec 22 2009, 01:45 AM, said:

I seen moving hand of god in a dream, the hand came out of the bottom of the ocean three times, each time the hand appeared to touch the previous hand to depict that the hand was moving. The very next day I discovered your website and I saw the exact same hand in your bible code pictures. When the third hand touched the second hand it turned to blood and then the dream was over.

View PostMiki, on Dec 22 2009, 05:04 AM, said:

That would catch ones attention!

Have you read through what was written?

I'm not sure how many times the hand appears but l I know

once with the original writing on the wall from scripture

and then again as appearing in these Bible codes.

Within the bible codes there are different phases of it's action. For instance,

When Moses put his hand in his shirt and pulled it out again..3 appearances.

It's broken down according to the order of revelation to Shekel as well

but he hasn't dated his findings yet


l know that's coming sometime in the near future.

Perhaps we will have a better understanding at that time as to the order of things. Thanks for posting.

I'm wondering about the timing of the hand code. I know you explain some of it on the site in regards to it's appearance. Did it happen in phases and if so how many? Thanks
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Posted 22 December 2009 - 10:19 AM

Most codes are dated as to when I discovered them, but you have to look at the main page for each of them, or on the dates given for "new bible codes".

For instance, here is the first paragraph from the hands bible code:

It was discovered on Pentecost, June 8th, 2000, and put on the internet Tishri 15 (Tabernacles), 2001. Neither date was planned. The timing of the hands were signs to me. Keep in mind that the 10 commandments were given to Moses on Pentecost, written by the hand of God. And Tabernacles commemorates the sustaining of Israel in the desert 40 years after they left Egypt where the plagues on Egypt occurred.


What the 'Hand' Reads

Posted Image
3 parts: -1- -2- -3-

(Tishri 15, 2001)

I was writing the introduction to my book: "The Writing on the Wall," immediately prior to the day I found this picture bible code. The day was Pentecost 2000, the same day that I had just spoken of in my book! I accidentally stumbled upon this picture-bible-code as I sat reading Daniel 5:19 for personal edification. One word leapt out to me: "Whom he would he put to death."Posted Image

"Wow!" I thought, "That's basically the same (acrostic) word that was written upon the wall in Daniel's day!"

(I had earlier discovered that the words: mene, mene tekel, uparsin, written with the finger of God upon the palace wall that announced the fall of Babylon, formed a Hebrew acrostic that reads: "One-putting-him-to-death." See image at right.)

Next, I noticed that the full name of Jehovah was encoded five times at that very same tiny spot in the bible! (I.e., in Daniel 5:19b). Soon, the first stanza of the bible code was deciphered. Late that same day (the 8th of June) I discovered that these letters formed an outline of a picture of a hand.


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