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Ezekiel's Eagle, Is Oct.-nov.[heshvan (cheshvan)] Teaches Beginning/ending Of Earth Study the Heshvan, the clues are parallel's to END TIME Prophecy Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 21 April 2010 - 11:10 AM

Ezekiel's Eagle, is Oct.-Nov.[Heshvan (Cheshvan)] Teaches Beginning/Ending of Earth
Study the Heshvan, the clues are parallel's to END TIME Prophecy
Heshvan (Cheshvan) or Mar Cheshvan the second month of the civil year year and the eighth month of the ecclesiastical on the Hebrew calendar. Heshvan has 29 or 30 Days in it. Heshvan usually occurs in October - November on the civil calendar.

Heshvan has no holidays in it (except for Shabbat).

11 Cheshvan - (2105 BCE)- Yartzeit of the righteous Methuselah

Methuselah was one of the greatest tzaddikim and the longest-lived human being. He was the grandfather of Noah and died aged 969. The Holy One blessed be He ,delayed the great Flood because of the 7 days of mourning for Methuselah.

11 Cheshvan - (1553 BCE) - Yartzeit of Rachel.

Rachel the wife of Yakov is a Matriarch of the Jewish people, mother of Yoseph and Benjamin. She died giving birth to her second son Benjamin in Bethlehem, while on their way from Aram to Hebron and was buried there in order to be able to pray on the behalf of her children who were later to be exiled to Babylon (Jer. 31:14) and passed near her holy gravesite.

11 Cheshvan - (1443 BCE) - Yartzeit of Benjamin.

The 12th son of The Patriarch Yakov and founder of one of the 12 Tribes of Israel. The only one of the 12 sons of Yakov to be born on Jewish soil in Eretz Israel. He died in Egypt aged 111.

17 Cheshvan - (2105 BCE) - Great Flood began

The rain started on the 17th of Cheshvan of the Hebrew year, 1656 (2105 BCE), flooding the entire earth. Only Noah and his family is said to have survived, in the ark (Noah's Ark) he built (by Divine command), and a pair of each animal species.

17 Cheshvan - (960 BCE) - First Temple completed

King Solomon completed the building of the First Temple (it was not inaugurated until the following Tishrei however)

27 Cheshvan - (2104 BCE) - Flood ends

On the 27th of Cheshvan of the Hebrew year 1657 (2104 BCE) "the earth dried" (Genesis 8:14), which finished the 365-day duration of the great flood which is said to have wiped out all life on earth except for the eight human beings and the animals (two of each species) that were on Noah's ark. On this day, God is said to have commanded Noah to "Come out of the ark" and repopulate, settle and civilize the earth.


This study was written by Hillel ben David

(Greg Killian).
Jews count time in a different way then the rest of humanity do and this is most evident in the use of a different calendar. The Gregorian calendar is the one used by most people today. It is the standard calendar used in the business world and is solar-based. The Biblical calendar is used by Jews for prophetic purposes and is lunar and solar-based. Because the Biblical calendar is lunar and solar-based, new months are measured by the phases of the moon. With every new moon there is a new month.

The months in the Biblical calendar are (in order):

Nisan (approx. March-April)

Iyar (approx. April-May)

Sivan (approx. May-June)

Tammuz (approx. June-July)

Av (approx. July-August)

Ellul (approx. August-September)

Tishre (approx. September-October)

Heshvan (approx. October-November)

Kislev (approx. November-December)

Tevet (approx. December-January)

Shevat (approx. January-February)

Adar (approx. February-March)

What makes the history in Biblical festivals more real and vibrant than the history celebrated in the festivals of other nations? The festivals are markers to relive the events of the past and prophecy about the future. Its history tends to ripple itself throughout the ages in each generation, as we relive the events being remembered and its future consequences. We shall see examples of how the historical events in the Jewish calendar have an effect on the observance, the spirit and meaning of these prophetic festivals on the seasons in which they are celebrated.

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