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1.) Yeshua Bible Code

Includes the DNA Bible Code Pictograph, the Snake/Lamp Pictograph, the Mountain Pictograph, and the Moses-with-rod Pictograph, that is, all images found at the Burning-Bush passage in the book of Exodus. (You can copy from website.)

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2.) Creation Bible Code

Creation Bible Code Pictogram found in Genesis 1. Includes Dragon and Sword-in-Eden images. (You can copy from website.)

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3.) Mene Tekel Bible Code, Hand Code, and Moth Code

Bible Code Pictographs from Dan. 5, "The Writing on the Wall", and Dan. 1-3, "The Moth Code". (You can copy from website.)

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4.) Baal/Cherub/Balance Bible Code

Bible Code Pictographs found in Isaiah 46. (You can copy from website.)

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5.) Jacob's Acrostic Bible Code

Includes images of "Lion of Judah" and comet/staff from Gen. 49. (You can copy from website.)

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6.) Names and Acrostic Bible Code

The meanings of all 70 names from Adam to Jesus read sequentially. This, too, forms a pictograph of the flood of Noah! (You can copy from website.)

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7.) KJV Bible Code

New Testament Bible Code. Includes images of seer, owl, boat, etc. (You can copy from website.)

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Other bible codes that form images, but cannot be placed anywhere else

Only discuss encoded bible-code pictograms here. This is not the place to post regular bible codes (ELS). Please make sure that your topic is not better placed into one of the other above specific forums first!

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1260 and 360 websites

Questions or comments related to my 1260 Bible Numbers website or 360-Bible-Prophecy Calendar website. (You can copy from the sites.)

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